You want to solve a mystery with Florian and Margaret?

Police the zombies of Dead City with Molly and the Omegas?

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An art heist is at the center of this Edgar nominated book, which has been on seven different state award reading lists!

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A young musician disappears and the mystery leads to the White House in this winner of the 2018 Edgar Award. 

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On their newest adventure, Florian and Margaret are chasing after a spy when they get trapped in a vault underneath the Library of Congress

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The breathtaking conclusion of the Dead City Trilogy finds Molly and the Omegas trying to stop an undead army. 

In an adventure that takes them from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to New Year's Eve in Times Square, the Omegas must battle a hidden enemy.

12-year old Molly Bigelow is recruited to join Omega, a secret society that polices the undead who live beneath New York City in the first book of this action-packed trilogy. 


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