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Deerstalker Challenge

There is no group more fun-loving and supportive than the people of kid lit. Over the last year, I've asked many author friends to "join" the Sherlock Society and strike a pose with a Deerstalker hat. The group here includes thirty-four of the biggest names in Middle Grade and Young Adult writing. How many can you identify? The answers are below.

SUPER SLEUTH SHERLOCK NOTE - Some true Sherlockians will notice the number was left off of one of the authors in the answer key. It's fixed here as #35. Major props to media specialist Kimberly Lanoux of Clay County, Florida for being the first to bring it to my attention. 

Sherlock Hats Postcard.jpg
Sherlock Hats Postcard Answers Amended.jpg
Deerstalker Answers Typed Fixed.png
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