Hi! I'm James Ponti, author of the Edgar Award winning FRAMED! mystery series. These books feature Florian Bates and his best friend Margaret, who solve mysteries using a special technique they call TOAST, which stands for the Theory of all Small Things. The pair consult for the FBI the same way that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson consulted for Scotland Yard, only those guys never had to close a case and do their homework on the same night! 

This website is all about their adventures as well as those of Molly Bigelow and her team of Omegas in the DEAD CITY trilogy. Fans will discover plenty of behind the scenes scoop. Teachers and media specialists can find educational resources on the school page and interviews with me in the Video Vault. As for any would-be detectives and zombie hunters, there's much more for you. Just a warning, some of it's hidden, just like in the books!

Thanks for visiting!                                                                                                JAMES


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