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I've had the great opportunity to visit schools across the country and meet with thousands of students. It is one of the best parts of my job. My presentations are typically about my unlikely journey from reluctant reader to Nickelodeon and Disney Channel scriptwriter to author.

They are equal parts humorous and heart-warming, inspirational and informational, and I discuss how growing up in an untraditional family helped me discover my unique creative voice. I try to tailor visits to each group and make them memorable and inspirational experiences that encourage  a love of reading and creative expression among ALL students. If you are interested in having me visit your school please contact me at




In-person events offer an opportunity for a dynamic and entertaining celebration of reading. After an entire year without doing any, I'm thrilled to be making a limited number of visits during the 2021-22 school year. If you're interested in having me visit your school, please check out the flyer to the right and contact me at Visit@JamesPonti.comIf you'd prefer a virtual visit, please see below. 



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During Covid, I happily discovered that virtual visits allow wonderful flexibility to create engaging programs that are adaptable to different budgets, easier to schedule, and can be matched to ever-changing education models. If

you're interested in a virtual visit, click on the flyer to the right or contact me at




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"Pure magic. The kids were enthralled and engaged. The parents were ecstatic. And this bookseller charmed and inspired!"

Abbe Townsend, Quail Ridge Books - Raleigh, NC


I watched 175 students sit mesmerized by his stories. They were fully engaged in what he was saying. They laughed when he laughed and were in awe of his life story. I could almost see them inventing their own stories while he talked.

Mary Anne O'Rourke, Librarian - Arlington, Virginia

“The kids were captivated and inspired, not only to read his books but to create their own stories as well.”


Nicole Caliro, Bookseller - Frisco, Texas

His connection with the students is deep and profound. From him they learned about the power of inner strength and having someone believe in you. 


Dara La Porte, Open Book Foundation – Washington, DC

"James is one of the most wonderfully engaging and entertaining authors that we've taken on school visits."


Holland Saltsman, Novel Neighbor - St. Louis, Missouri


His love for writing and for sharing his craft with students was evident in all his interactions. Truly my favorite author visit ever.

Michelle Jarrett, Library Supervisor - Kissimmee, Florida

James Ponti was FABULOUS!

Maria Poirrier, Librarian – Baton Rouge, Louisiana


James Ponti's school visits had students enthralled. He had them laughing, thinking, and completely engaged!"

Sarah Carr – McIntyre's Books - Pittsboro, NC


His ability to interact with all kids was truly extraordinary.

Betsy McQueen, Literacy Coach - Branson, Missouri


I don't think I've ever seen 200 middle school students listen so intently as when he was speaking.

Jennifer Underhill, Librarian - Tallahassee, Florida

His love of reading and writing shines through and definitely leaves an impression with his audience. A school visit with James Ponti is time well spent!

Cathy Berner, Blue Willow Bookshop - Houston, Texas

James Ponti's visits are like no other. He makes connections, listens, and inspires.


Mary Jo Houck, Teacher - Chicago, Illinois 

Our visit with James Ponti was wonderful! I highly recommend James Ponti to any school hoping for a fabulous author visit.

Cynthia Matzat, Librarian - Branson, Missouri

The kids  can't stop talking about how much it moved us! 


Jan Watts, Principal - Port Allen, Louisiana 


Don’t turn down a chance to bring James Ponti to your students!

Jessica Denham - Librarian – Frisco, Texas


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