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Moscow is the largest city and capital of Russia. It is also the setting for much of City Spies Forbidden City. In the book Paris competes in a chess tournament that is hosted in the Tretyakov Gallery, which, in addition to being a large art museum, hosted the FIDE World Chess Championship in 2012.

Other prominent Moscow locations featured in the book include Red Square, the Bolshoi Theatre, Gorky Park, and Luzhniki Stadium.


Moscow highlights including many from the book such as St. Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin, Luzhniki Stadium, Gorky Park, the Bolshoi Theater, Red Square, the subway, and GUM department store. See how many you can spot. 

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Excerpt from Forbidden City

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Matryoshka Dolls are a traditional Russia craft and feature increasingly smaller wooden dolls that can be placed inside other. 

These were hand-painted by a Russian artist and feature the five members of the City Spies. 

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